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Gargling "Depraved Ingestion Of Cranial Discharge" CD

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Gargling "Depraved Ingestion Of Cranial Discharge" CD

Lifeless Chasm Records
Limited to 100

Tracklist (21:17)
1. Copulated Bloodbath
2. Illusion Of Self Torment
3. Extirpate The Debilitated Seed
4. Rotting Demoniac Clergy
5. Vile Intestinal Spew
6. Peeling Off Fresh Bloody Scabs
7. Sentient Gorging Tumors
8. Mephitic Expulsion
9. Mangled Sovereign
10. Sprouting Metastatic Flora
11. Totality Consumed
12. Wringing Out Bodily Seepage

Recommended for fans of Enmity, Delusional Parasitosis and Excoriation.

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